Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Providing MTM services impacts your patient relationships, your business and your career. The knowledge and skills possessed by local pharmacists make a vital difference in the lives of those who need more individualized attention to their medication therapy regimens. OutcomesMTM® enables you to tap into your professional potential and provides payment for “what you do with your head and not with your hands.”


Local relationships. National opportunities.

Contracted with more than 50 U.S. health plans, OutcomesMTM® provides MTM coverage to more than 6 million patients. We link more than 100,000 local chain, independent, clinic and health system pharmacy providers with contracted plans across the country.

Participation in the OutcomesMTM Personal PharmacistTM Network is free. Because MTM works best as a team effort, our ConnectTM Platform includes roles for pharmacists, technicians, students and administrators. We make providing and documenting a broad range of MTM services simple with consistency across our programs, including:

  • Network requirements
  • Covered services
  • Policies and procedures
  • Quality assurance
  • Documentation standards
  • Reporting

Because of this unified approach, it is simple and efficient for local pharmacists and their support staff to participate with OutcomesMTM.

What is Medication Therapy Management (MTM)?

What is Medication Therapy Management (MTM)?

Medication Therapy Management, or MTM, describes a broad range of healthcare services provided by pharmacists. These services are growing in demand as the pharmacist becomes more visible as a medication expert and more integrated into the patient care team.

MTM is a broad term that can really mean a lot of things. In our programs, pharmacists are:

  • Helping patients overcome barriers to adherence
  • Addressing gaps in therapy
  • Educating on medications and disease states
  • Reducing use of unnecessary or potentially harmful therapy
  • Assessing for adverse effects
  • Providing health screenings and tests
  • Advising on preventative measures, such as well-child appointments, immunizations and appropriate prenatal care
  • and more!

OutcomesMTM® connects pharmacists like you with targeted opportunities to provide these services for eligible patients and get paid for your expertise.

Pharmacist counseling patient on adherence
Why OutcomesMTM®?

Revenue Opportunity

OutcomesMTM® works with health plans to give you access to targeted, payable patient care opportunities for your eligible patients. We partner with payers serving Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial populations in all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

One Place to Go

Our Connect™ Platform provides you with central documentation and processes across multiple plans. Just log into your dashboard to see your available MTM opportunities. We also integrate with many pharmacy management systems to provide data feeds of opportunities and even single sign-on capability.

Unmatched Support

Our knowledgeable, accessible Provider Resources team is here to assist you – in English and Spanish – with all your platform and program questions. We also support you with webinars, templates, guides and other resources to help you build a best-in-class MTM program.

Get Started

1. Get Contracted

To take advantage of the available MTM opportunities, pharmacies and other entities seeking to become authorized MTM Centers must first complete a network participation agreement.

Retail Pharmacy: Most retail pharmacies are contracted via their parent chain organization or their PSAO. Not sure if your location is already contracted with us? Call 877.237.0050, and we’ll be happy to check.

Multi-location Pharmacy Organizations: Chain, PSAO or multi-location administrators can request a multi-location agreement.

Physician Clinics or Health Systems: Pharmacists embedded within a physician clinic or health system can provide MTM services through OutcomesMTM in an outpatient setting. Contact us for more information on how to get started.

2. Get Trained

Create your personal account and view our training. Each pharmacist, technician and/or pharmacy student should have his/her own login credentials. Our free, online training covers:

  • MTM services included in OutcomesMTM programs
  • How to navigate our platform
  • MTM claim documentation
  • Quality assurance practices

After training, add your NCPDP or MTM Center ID to your account to view MTM opportunities at your location.

3. Get Paid

Log into the Connect™ Platform to view pending MTM opportunities for your patients. Then, document and bill for the MTM services you provide for eligible patients.