Pharmacy Technicians & Students

Pharmacy technicians and students play a key role in the delivery of medication therapy management (MTM) services by providing guidance and support to the pharmacy team and helping to engage the patient on a personal level.

Independent Pharmacy Technician Involvement Stats

MTM revenue

  • active technician engagement
  • average

earned almost 2x more MTM revenue

CMR completion rates

active technician involvement42%



TIP success rates


active technician participation




Get Started

Get Started with your Center’s OutcomesMTM Program

All pharmacy technicians can complete free, online training. After completing the training, you will request access to your pharmacy or practice site. Once your link is approved, you can submit claims on behalf of any pharmacist affiliated with your MTM Center’s profile.

Student interns may also assist with a Center’s OutcomesMTM program by registering at the technician level. Upon graduation and licensing, former students should call OutcomesMTM to update their profiles to pharmacist level.

Get Trained

Each pharmacist, technician and/or pharmacy student should have his/her own login credentials. Our training covers:

  • MTM services included in OutcomesMTM programs
  • How to navigate our platform
  • MTM claim documentation
  • Quality assurance practices

After training, add your NCPDP or MTM Center ID to your account to view MTM opportunities at your location.

Identify OutcomesMTM-eligible Patients

Identify OutcomesMTM-eligible Patients

Familiarize yourself with the plans in your area that participate with OutcomesMTM. If a patient from one of these plans comes into the pharmacy, you can enter the patient’s last name in your dashboard search box. If a covered service was initiated, start a pending claim under the patient’s profile.

Review your pharmacy’s queue of patients who are due to pick up a medication. If the patient has a pending TIP, add a note to the bag as a reminder for the pharmacist to discuss this issue with the patient. If the patient is targeted for a Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR), you may contact the patient in advance to coordinate the pick-up time with pharmacist available to deliver the CMR.

Community pharmacist and patient
Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR)

Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR)

CMRs are documented differently than other claims. As a pharmacy techinican, you can assit pharmacists in many aspects of this service.

  • Offer and schedule the CMR service
    • Use the Connect Platform to determine a patient in need of a CMR
    • Identify the date of the patient’s net refill, as it may be a convenient appointment time for the patient
    • Call the patient in advance to offer the service and schedule an appointment
  • Collect a complete medication list from the patient (OTCs, herbals and prescription medications). Document these medications on the patient’s Medication List or on the CMR Worksheet, which can be found in Resources.
  • Note new medications and pending TIPs for the pharmacist to address during the appointment
  • Upon completion of the CMR, assist with updating the Medication List and Action Plan and/or generation the Patient Takeaway and delivering it to the patient
  • Schedule follow-up appointments as needed for additional interventions identified during the CMR, and remind pharmacists when it is time to follow up with patients or prescibers.
Ways You Can Participate

Alert Pharmacists to Billable Services

Review your pharmacy’s MTM Opportunities queue regularly to ensure pharmacists respond to all TIPs.

Document MTM Claims

Technicians can document any type of claim — including TIPs, CMRs, Rewiew & Resubmit claims and pharmacist-identified interventions — on behalf o a pharmacist. When submitting a claim, simply choose the pharmacist who provided the service and continue with claim documentation.

Distribute and Monitor Communications

  • Connect pharmacists with patients or prescribers for service delivery
  • Generate and send prescriber communications
    • Use your pharmacy’s fax form or the Prescriber Fax tool from the patient’s OutcomesMTM profile
  • Monitor responses from prescribers and patients
  • Follow up wit additional communications as necessary until a response is received
  • Watch for Review & Resubmit claims that may require edits or additional notes