Celebrating Technician Involvement Month!

Technicians play a key role in the successful delivery of MTM services and can be a driving force behind MTM success. To celebrate technicians’ contributions to great patient care through MTM, we hosted our third annual Technician Involvement Month! Throughout September, we recognized high performers and shared some of the many ways technicians can be involved in MTM.

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Top Technicians 2019

Thank you to these superstar technicians!

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TJ at Kroger #17 has helped his pharmacy team integrate the technician engagement in MTM practice. Through his and his pharmacy manager’s efforts, they have evolved from pharmacist-driven clinical practice, greatly benefiting their patient population. He is positive and motivating and is always interested in learning more about how his team can help their patients.

Stephanie at Kroger #669 is an amazing facilitator of MTM case completion. She drives initiation of OutcomesMTM opportunities from the clinical queues by contacting patients and completing warm hand-offs to pharmacists. She also assists with post-discussion documentation. Stephanie’s excellence has helped drive her team’s increased MTM service delivery.

Sandra at Kroger #48 has been a pharmacy technician for more than 20 years. When her team began involving technicians in MTM service delivery last year, Sandra quickly became a skilled MTM platform user. She has become her team’s technician leader, facilitating engagement across team members to provide all clinical services. With her enthusiasm and commitment to providing her longtime patients with the best care, her team’s successful completion of MTM cases has increased significantly to the benefit of their patients.

Shout out to technicians for Marc’s: Lori Hemphill, #27 (West Tusc), Melanie Gullatta, #45 (Aurora) & Veronica Soja, #35 (Lakewood) for leading MTM at their stores by training their teams on our Connect Platform! Lori is a tireless contributor. Melanie’s organizational skills help her keep on top of her assigned stores’ opportunities.Veronica keeps techs trained in her area.

Shout out to Betty Tyler, technician at Marc’s #27 (West Tusc) for jumping into OutcomesMTM, working daily with her pharmacists to serve patients. Her contributions earned her the crown of top MARC’S OUTCOMES TECHNICIAN!

Kudos to Marty Mesmer, technician, Rite Aid #2357, Salem, Ohio. Marty identifies MTM opportunities within workflow & maximizes downtime. She does all the documentation for pharmacists, helping 2357 lead the way as a top MTM store in their region.

Shout out to Kimberly Miller, technician Rite Aid #3198 – the driving force behind their 93% completion rate! “She actively prepares both TIPS and CMRs for her pharmacist and ensures that the level of execution is high week over week. In most locations, MTM completion falls off during the pharmacist’s vacation, but at 3198, it tapers during Kim’s vacation! She has a passion for improving the health and well-being of her customers through the OutcomesMTM platform. Her level of engagement and expertise is second to none. I often find her educating fill-in pharmacists, and she has shown me some tips and tricks as well! The 3198 pharmacy team was also part of the MTM Madness bracket this year and advanced in weeks one and two. Kim is truly as asset to Rite Aid and we appreciate her commitment and dedication to our patients! 

Jennifer at Kroger #112 has a great attitude and is constantly on board for helping train her technicians on new programs or encourage participation. Jennifer is completing clinical claims every week in the OutcomesMTM platform and is a great resource for her team! One thing that I love about Jennifer’s approach is her great ability to have a warm hand-off for patients to the pharmacist. She knows her patients well and is able to have quality conversations with them at each point of interaction. Jennifer also does a great job of listening in on conversations to help her pharmacists with documentation for OutcomesMTM claims.