OutcomesMTM implements "MyTime" unlimited vacation - 10.01.2012

Along with a laid-back office environment and median employee age under 35, OutcomesMTM helps keep employees on-board with a variety of progressive benefits. Today, it announced "MyTime," a new offering that provides employees with unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO). MyTime is the latest in a series of progressive perks offered by the West Des Moines-based medication therapy management company, to foster building a best-in-class workforce.

"OutcomesMTM established MyTime out of recognition that the line between work and non-work hours has become very blurry. The smartphone era has made employee connectivity almost a constant," said OutcomesMTM CEO Tom Halterman. "We now view the rationing and tracking employee time off as an obsolete practice."

In a world where employee benefits have become more progressive with policies intended to attract the talent of up-and-coming generations, unlimited time off is still a rare benefit. A 2010 survey conducted by WorldAtWork, a global association for human resource management, revealed that approximately 1% of U.S. companies offered their employees unlimited paid time off. Most opt to maintain a traditional PTO "bank" system with a set amount of paid days off per year, plus several sick days. OutcomesMTM, however, is jumping ahead of the curve.

Recently named one of the Des Moines Register's Top 100 Iowa Workplaces for 2012, OutcomesMTM is supported by 52 employees and 13 successful years in in the Medication Therapy Management (MTM) industry. In just a little over a decade since its founding in 1999, OutcomesMTM has grown from just a couple of employees to its current team, which continues to expand.

This month, OutcomesMTM Director of Client Services Meredith Allan celebrated six years at the company-and she is one of the "veteran" team members.

"One of my favorite things about working at OutcomesMTM is the camaraderie, and the 'work hard, play hard' mentality," Allan says. "I'm lucky to be able to reference two families-my biological family and my OutcomesMTM family."

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