Partnership HealthPlan of California expands face-to-face MTM - 07.11.2012

Outcomes Incorporated (Outcomes®) has been selected by Partnership HealthPlan of California (PHC) to administer Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services to its total Medicare Part D population, effective July 1.

Outcomes has provided MTM services to a select number of PHC's Medicare members since 2007. The expansion of PHC's MTM eligibility to include the plan's entire Medicare Part D population gives more members access to MTM services from Outcomes Personal Pharmacists™. The Outcomes nationwide network of local pharmacists is trained to help patients achieve safe and effective results from their medications while controlling costs.

"PHC is very pleased to make MTM services available to all Medicare members," said Gary Erickson, PHC Chief Financial Officer. "We are looking forward to achieving the same clinical and financial results with this expanded MTM-eligible population that we have achieved with the more limited group of members since 2007."

PHC members benefit from an expansive menu of covered services, including an annual Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR). During each member's CMR, they meet one-on-one with a local pharmacist to review their complete medication profile with the goal of detecting and preventing conflicts or duplications. Through the program, participating local pharmacists receive alerts and information concerning medication use patterns, and guidance on working with patients and doctors to fix potential drug complications, including cost-related issues, gaps in care, non-adherence, drug interactions, dosing issues and any other potential medication problems.

About PHC

PHC is one of more than 40 US health plans to adopt the Outcomes MTM unified platform, which connects the plans with an unrivaled network of more than 60,000 chain, independent, consultant and health-system pharmacy providers all over the country. 

Pharmacists who are interested in participating with PHC or any other Outcomes MTM program should contact us.